Book-keeping Services

Derek Madden & Company provide book-keeping services for business owners desiring the advantages of accurate, well organised records but without the complexities or costs involved in employing a full or part time book-keeper.

Our services would include:

  • Free book-keeping consultation to assess client’s book-keeping needs.
  • Set up local, computerised book-keeping systems.
  • Review existing book-keeping systems, identify the client’s needs and make recommendations.
  • Recommendation of appropriate accounting software for your business needs.
  • Regular input of new information.
  • Completion and filing of bi-monthly vat returns.
  • Produce management accounts for month-end, quarterly or year-end periods.
  • Provision of payroll services compliant with PAYE Modernisation payroll requirements.
  • Create management reports as requested for loan purposes.
  • Assist with tax preparation.
  • Assist in the preparation for Revenue and Social Welfare audits including VAT and PAYE/PRSI.
  • Derek Madden & Company will help you keep all your returns up to date. We will inform you when the returns are due and request the relevant information needed for us to make the returns on time.

Flexibility is an important aspect of Derek Madden & Company.

Our book-keeping services can be set up either on-site (at your office) or off-site (at ours).

On-site arrangement:

This work is done at your office using your computer system and accounting software.
Appointments can be arranged at a time that, as much as possible, matches your schedule.


  • Data is input into your computer system at your business or home office.
  • Your documents never leave your premises.
  • Book-keeping work is scheduled to be done at a time convenient to you so we can discuss your business transactions if necessary.

Off-site arrangement:

You provide the necessary paperwork and we manage the data using our own computer system and software. Paperwork will be returned to you when completed.


  • You furnish the necessary paperwork and the information will be put into our computer system.
  • No requirement for you to own a computer or purchase accounting software.
  • Do not need to own a computer to benefit from the advantages of computerised records.
  • If you later decide to purchase a computer, all your records can be transferred onto it.

Be assured that your financial information will be kept strictly confidential at all times. The security of your business records is important to us. They will be maintained accurately and confidentially.

Having well organised records for your accountant makes his/her job quicker, thus saving you money when your year end accounts need to be done.

Existing book-keeper in place?

Derek Madden & Company can help.

1. Your accountant does your book-keeping:
Derek Madden & Company can provide you with book-keeping services at a cheaper rate as you will not be paying an audit charge out rate.
We have a specialised book-keeping division allowing us to give your book-keeping our top priority unlike accountants who will have other priorities.

2. You employ an in-house/self employed book-keeper:

  • By outsourcing the work, Derek Madden & Company can save you the fixed costs of having an employee including the employer’s PRSI expense.
  • With Derek Madden & Company you will only be paying for the time that it takes to carry out the book-keeping work rather than employing a part-time/full-time book-keeper. This will reduce your costs significantly each year.
  • As we have a team of dedicated book-keepers, you do not need to worry about the times when your book-keeper is unavailable due to sickness or holidays. Our team is structured to provide cover for any absences.
  • We have structures and systems in place so you can be confident that all your information is backed up.
  • We provide continuous training for our book-keeping division to ensure we keep up to date with Revenue legislation and continue to provide you with the best service.
  • We have vast experience with a team of qualified members of the Certified Public Accountants in Ireland.

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